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Title: Life After Death Summary: A man's journey through questioning… - Write THIS Now

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Date: 2007-07-28 23:41
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Title: Life After Death
Summary: A man's journey through questioning his "last word".
A/N: This is the first story I've written that wasn't for a class. Please give me criticism, but don't be too harsh :-/. I did it in one stretch and it's pretty simple. Anyways, I hope you like it - I've just been trying to write more as of late. ~675 Word Count.

“Great. Just great,” he thought to himself on that dismal Thursday morning. He felt alone amongst the sea of black fabric and unfamiliar faces as he stood by the gaping hole in the ground.

“Maybe if I close my eyes for a bit and open them again, I won’t be here anymore. This can’t be reality, can it?” he thought as he tightly squeezed his eyelids closed. But, when open, the world was still dismal and he was still there with those strangers looking down into the pit that would be his sister’s new eternal home.

“Is that even deep enough? I told her she should have had me come over to help her with her living will, but no – she had to do it herself,” he ranted on in his head; skimming over the important things that he really needed to think about.

For instance: “Why did she have to die, anyways. She was a much better person than I had ever been and she always seemed to know what to do when it came to people. I, however, am surrounded by extended family members whose names I can’t recollect. It’s cruel world that steals a person like her away and leaves a person like me here. For Christ’s sake! While she was on her deathbed, she asked me if I believed in an afterlife. I should have known that a question like that was coming, but I had not prepared. I stammered, ‘Um,’ and paused for a moment while millions of thoughts raced through my head. How could I have told her that I thought it was a bunch of shit and that after she dies everything good that she did will have done her little good and she will rot away without any life afterwards? But how could I lie and tell her that I believed she was going to live eternally? Energy is always conserved and eternal life is not conserving anything. And there is no such thing as a free lunch. So I had to tell her what I had to tell her, ‘I sure do.’”

“Will this betrayal of my sister’s trust haunt me for the rest of my life? She asked me a serious question and I gave her a bullshit answer. And I can’t talk with anyone about it. Everyone says things like, “That’s what she needed to hear,” and, “It’s so sweet of you to try to lift her spirits.” She knew just as I that it was a lie, but didn’t have the energy to call me on it. Instead she smirked and said no more. The next day she was dead.”

“Why couldn’t I have planned it out so I could’ve said something that would make me seem collected, but not an asshole?”

The coffin was being lowered into the grave and it was terrifying. The final moment that screamed at him, “You can’t fix what you said! Try to talk your way out of this now! Nobody is listening!”

* * *
The reception left him feeling even emptier than before, with comments from these teary-eyed strangers such as, “Oh Luke, she is without pain now,” and “She’s in a better place now, Luke.”

“I have to get out of here,” he thought. As he walked toward the door, it seemed as if more people were surrounding him, offering their condolences and therapist cards and he quickened his pace until he was almost at a run when he got to the door. He pushed through the ring of smokers and he ran toward the street thinking, “What if I had said something else – anything else,” ignoring the shouts of the people at the house, assuming that they were worried about him, rather than warming him of what was to come.

They shouted, “LUKE, LOOK OUT!” and as he turned to see what was going on, he saw what they wanted him to evade, a large pick-up truck speeding uncontrollably toward him and he thought, “Is this it? Is there life after death?”

The End

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