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Write This Now


We've all noticed the similarities between the Lion King and Hamlet, and ran into countless allegories of the tales of Faust and Christ. How could two stories with the same basic premise be so different?

What keeps literature alive are the endless possible variations. In this spirit, what if a group of writers chose to write the same short story, independently of one another?

That is what this community invites you to do. Every two weeks, a short story prompt will be given, and writers working off the same basic prompt will attempt to create their own unique masterpieces.

This time around (Saturday July 28th to Saturday August 11th), the prompt is:

A man is obsessed with the concept of last words. Difficulty: the last words he's obsessed with are his own.

Everything else is entirely up to you. Be creative. There are countless possibilities, and the choice is yours.


1. There are no restrictions on length or content, but please warn for anything not worksafe.

2. Post your short story in the community when you're done. Please tag your work with your username and the event number (i.e. Week 1), and put anything over two hundred words behind a cut. You're all encouraged to read and comment on your fellow writer's work.

If there are any questions or comments, please contact mod crimenamoris